Welcome to Enpac Pallets & Crates Inc.

Enpac Pallets & Crates Inc. has been producing quality recycled pallets and crates for over 20 years. Our customers have come to rely on our competitive pricing, impeccable customer service and on time deliveries to help keep their product moving.

Pallets / Crates

Whether your needs call for a standard GMA 48 x 40 or something more custom in size, we are equipped and ready to help design a pallet or crate that best meets your needs. Our staff will ask questions to better understand what your needs are and step you through the design process to create a shipping platform which will ensure your finished product arrives at your customer’s location, safely and intact.

Waste Pallet Removal

Are unusable and odd size pallets building up, creating an unsafe and hazardous workplace? The traditional solution, many businesses have come to rely on, the 30 yard dumpster. Dumpster rental, pick up and disposal fees can often reach levels of $3-$5/pallet. An expensive method of disposal which adds to an already overburden landfill system. Enpac offers an alternative solution that significantly reduces or completely eliminates the cost associated with the disposing of unwanted pallets and waste wood. Let Enpac show you how we can reduce your waste removal cost, improve worker safety and give your waste material a second life.

Shipping Supplies

Secure load transfer is essential when moving your product safely and securely to your customer's location. The last act that takes place in the order cycle. Doing it efficiently and effectively, is vital to a company's bottom line. Enpac offers a full complement of warehouse products and equipment to protect your product against shifting loads and damaging exposure to the elements. To avoid the cost and the negative effects that can come from shipping product without proper protection and safeguards, let Enpac guide you through your choices that will ensure it is done well and cost effectively.